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I Own You Like I Own the Caves
Not a chance. No comparison.
24th-Aug-2013 10:33 am - Why 30 Rock Offends My Sensibilities
TV: Fringe | The Alternate
Last night after dinner, my boyfriend and I were seated on the couch staring at Netflix, trying to decide what to watch. This is a nightly ritual. No, it's not very enriching. But after four months of living together, there are some things that have started to settle into a routine that feels normal for us, which is nice.

Anyway, this post is not meant to be a commentary on the fact that we were watching TV like we always do. Instead, he decided (with my consent) to put on 30 Rock, which I have never seen before, and he used to really enjoy when he had cable.

After watching the first two episodes of the show...Collapse )
30th-May-2013 11:20 am - On Returning to Livejournal
Stock | Raspberries
It's always somewhat of a revelation, after spending time away from a journal (leather-bound or online), to see what was happening in your life the last time you were writing. It's been over a year since I last wrote here... oh, how things change.

On the shallowest of notes, Livejournal is different now than it was. Cuts expand now...? I have to say I hate that. I'm not sure what the motivation is behind such a drastic change. It will take some getting used to, I guess, and I probably will but it's just not as clean. Not as streamlined.

Anyway, I'm returning to LJ...Collapse )
15th-May-2012 11:21 pm - I Can't Sleep
Celebrity | Heath in Profile
So, I just moved back into my folks' house. Not really a huge surprise, because I was living in university housing, but the idea of having to be back for the summer (and potentially... indefinitely, since I'll only be taking my senior thesis in the fall) is not exactly appealing. I have been throwing myself my own drawn-out pity party for the last several weeks, with a very unhealthy dose of melancholy to top it off.

I have a friend that I met...Collapse )
15th-May-2012 09:02 am - Mindful Enjoyment, cont.
Celebrity | Eden
Last month, I had meant to follow up after my previous post about my determination to use the French press I had gifted myself for my birthday but I never got round to it in between the end of the semester coming up and starting to move out of the apartment. It has been one of the most hectic end-of-semesters I have ever had.

BUT! I'm happy to share that I did, in fact, use the coffee press the very day after I posted last month, just like I'd intended and I fell in love! I used it several more times before I sadly packed the press into its box and moved it back to my parents' basement.

It was really gratifying...Collapse )
24th-Apr-2012 09:22 pm - Mindful Enjoyment
TV: WC | Something for Nothing
Lately, I've noticed that I feel like I have hardly any time. I always feel stressed about fitting things into my day or scheduling different things around each other. Class, work, studying, poetry events, socializing, and just "me time." It's been on my mind in the last few weeks, and I think one of the reasons why I've been most frustrated is because I should have so much more time than I feel like I do.

First of all, ...Collapse )
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